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About Us
     Sanitary Fittings
         Sanitary Elbows
         Sanitary Tee
         Sanitary Reducer
         Sanitary Laterals
         Sanitary U Bends
         Sanitary End Caps
         Sanitary Stub Ends
         Sanitary Cross
         Sanitary Adaptors
         Bends with Unions Flared / Welded
         Tee with Unions Flared / Welded
     Triclover Fittings
         TC Clamps
         TC Ferrule
         TC Gasket
         TC End Elbow (90°, 45°, 180°)
         TC End Reducer
         TC End Cross
         TC Hose Nipple
         TC Extension Tubes
         TC Blinds
     Dairy Union
         SMS Union
         DIN Union
         RJT Union
         IDF Union
         Nut & Liners
         Hose Connections with Liner
     Dairy / Pharma Valves
         Weldable Butterfly Valves
         Clamped Butterfly Valves
         Threaded Butterfly Valves
         3 Piece Butterfly Valves
         TC Butterfly Valves
         Wafer Butterfly Valves
         Sanitary Ball Valves
         TC Ball Valves
         SMS 2 Way & 3 Way Plug Valves
         Weldable NRV
         Float Valve
         Diaphragm Valve
         Zero Dead Leg Diaphragm Valve
     Sight Glasses
         TC End Sight Glass
         Butt Weld Sight Glass
         Double Window Sight Glass
         Full View Sight Glass
     Ball Floats & Spray Balls
     Pipe Clamps
     In-Line Strainer
     Dairy Hoses
     Quick Release Coupling
Industries We Serve
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